Fair Trade

We believe in fairness and equality. We have actively researched ethical metals and fairly traded jewellery and understand that it is notoriously difficult to be 100% certain about this subject. Precious metals can be melted, reformed and alloyed thereby losing the continuity of the original source whether ethical or not. There are many different aspects to the trading of precious metals involving pollutant chemicals, environmental issues and ethical employment of workers. The responsibility of this trade is increasingly vital to the entire jewellery industry.

We take pride in sourcing our jewellery from suppliers with high ethical standards – people who have many years experience and have built up good relationships with small co-operatives who make their own jewellery all over the world. We bring the results of their happy work to our displays in Gandy Street.

There are stringent rules in place for the Fairtrade certification of precious metals and it is encouraging to know that the Assay office have recently created a new hallmark which will confirm the process of this. Our intention is to trade fairly and without harming the environment or exploiting the efforts of any person in the trail of this industry. We are proud of our partnership with Rubyfair and display their stones from Tanzania in our jewellery made on site.

FairSilver is also one of our suppliers with certified Fairtrade jewellery from Mexico. To the best of our knowledge, the employees at the Silver Lion are treated fairly, have equal rights and are usually conflict-free!